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  • Posted to Figma for the Live website, in reply to Terry Wefle , Aug 08, 2021

    Thank you, We are using an AI called GPT-3. Users don't need to feed in any texts, We already trained it for specific use cases such as "Hero text generator", "Subheader text generator", etc. Users just need to explain the product/service description.

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  • Posted to Figma for the Live website, Aug 07, 2021

    Hello everyone founder here,

    There is nothing wrong with the way we collaboratively work on documents. We can easily share, save, and discuss ideas without any barriers. Yet, when it comes to web design, we are still using tools that are far from intuitive.

    As a result, designers, copywriters, and developers are often not in the same room together this leads, to back and forth lost conversations on slack, fragmented copywriting change and, screenshots full of vague design change requests, it is a nightmare to finalize the live website design within time.

    This is the problem we are trying to solve with, it is a real-time visual feedback website collaboration tool that allows users to collaborate on a live website copy, with our Slider based no-code CSS editor that allows designers, copywriters, or anyone without a design background to express their design ideas with simple gestures and simple description.

    We also added creative tools such as AI Copy generation and Description to CSS/Design using AI.

    Last but not least you can experience Graha's collaborative feature right on the landing page by sharing the unique room URL or joining the existing channel.

    We are super excited about helping teams to move at a faster pace.

    Love to know your feedback.

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  • Posted to No code CSS editor for any website., in reply to John Doe , Jul 29, 2020

    Thanks for your feedback (●'◡'●)

    The position of the back arrow feels odd at the right.

    Yes I totally agree will fix this in next update

    Code block is too prominent. I'd give it less priority or even hide it under a >dropdown menu or collapsible accordion

    When I am designing, I quickly want to test the design and just copy/paste the CSS code in my codebase, that's the reason I have placed the code block for each property but I will add an option in a future version

    I don't like dark mode in anything

    I started working on themes, a couple of customers already requested it :D

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  • Posted to No code CSS editor for any website., Jul 29, 2020

    Hey Designer news, My name is vigneshwarar, I am the creator of EazyCSS, The Simple no-code CSS editor for any website.

    Problem 1:-

    Testing new design ideas or delegating a change to designers/developers, for a no-code person with back and forth emails, would cost time and money.

    Problem 2:-

    Even from a developer's perspective, using a lot of different sites from a box-shadow generator, picking color code, and switching back and forth from codebase to live preview for pixel changes is time-consuming and less productive.


    Simple looking, slider approach to most of the CSS properties where anybody can instantly change the design of a site without a prior CSS Knowledge and get your changes in CSS code.


    1) Don't Calculate pixel values, select a property and just slide 2) Edit text on the webpage (Hover + press e) 3) Change color or background with our inbuilt color picker 4) If you make a mistake, you can reset changes to default 5) All your design changes will be converted into CSS code

    I would love to know your feedback

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