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  • Posted to Site Design -, Mar 04, 2015

    My first thought: what is the purpose of this site? I look around for a few seconds... why are they trying to do so many things? Who is a typical user?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What features would you want to see in a business card app?, Nov 20, 2013

    The real problem for business card apps is that business cards aren't really a problem to solve. You could say that the use of paper and exchanging something physical is a problem. However the truth is, people like business cards. People like to express their professional side in a creative way through through the use of business cards.

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  • Posted to Google Maps One-Hand Zoom on iPhone, Apr 01, 2013

    Seems like a good idea. But what if you want to actually slide around the map vertically? You would then unintentionally zoom in.

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  • Posted to Bring in the cats!, in reply to Marco De la Cruz , Feb 28, 2013

    Bring in the Mods!

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