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Deivid Sáenz

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  • Posted to Let's see your website/portfolio., Feb 05, 2015

    Still in process (a portfolio is never complete, it seems!) but here it is:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who's on a visa?, Oct 21, 2014

    (Mexican working in Spain)

    Definitely not easy! I would have really loved nice websites with useful information to get started when I arrived. That would be a great project: a place to get started as a newbie in a foreign country.

    This could help designers connect right from arrival. I would definitely join to contribute to such project!

    Each place has a different process, and most could really use design to be clearer, at least. Especially when it comes to freelance work. Information is grayish, and I see a lot of designers working on student internships only, because the working-visa process is so complex for some startups.

    Anyways, any Mexicans in Spain? Let me know!

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  • Posted to Grid nowadays?, in reply to Allan Grinshtein , Aug 21, 2013

    Please :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Good Books About Design?, May 01, 2013

    This might not precisely be about UI design, but it definitely includes very useful insights and case studies that involve UI, UX and design in its whole. Anyways, I consider this a must in design. Plus, it is a nice and easy read.

    "Chance by Design" by Tim Brown

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