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  • Posted to 17 year old UX Cheat Sheet. What has changed?, Sep 03, 2019

    Let's be clear, this diagram and the shared presentation is talking about Information Architecture. Most of which has been gleaned from the 1998 O'Reilly Book, Information Architecture by Rosenfeld & Morville. If there was a designers bible for digital design, the "Polar Bear" book would be it.

    The term UX has been around for a very long time. Its just back in the day, UX was a more holistic concept, described more as a shared responsibility of many people, not a specific person or role.

    So could you use the diagram the OP shared today? Absolutely. Those techniques for defining design have been around for a very long time (many developed in the 60's and coming from the HCI field), maybe some of the terms have changed.

    For more on this I would suggest checking out Jesse James Garrett's diagram and book on the Elements of UX A lot of the terms and roles we use today came from here.

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