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  • Posted to Better — personal health assistance, in reply to Mary Rodriguez , Nov 29, 2020

    It sounds good. I think such a procedure can help to find out about all health issues and solve them in time. And of course, it is important to take care of health on a daily basis. I do sports, drink a lot of water, and sleep enough. Also, I'm going to try health supplements from the enhance club in the hope they help me to boost my immunity.

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  • Posted to The Sex Reporter, Nov 27, 2020

    Well, this source can be considered to be spam. On the other hand, it includes much info about sexual life. I know people who look for such sites (usually, they don't share about it much). In my opinion, it is better to look through such sources than to get pregnant being a teen or don't know about the existence of the After morning pill.

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  • Posted to Thriva — Track and Improve Your Health, Nov 23, 2020

    Good source. I think the current situation in the world has made people take care of their health more. I'm a pretty lazy person, but still, I changed my nutrition and started doing sports. Also, I avoid taking meds, except for the cases when I have no other choice, of course (and it is better to double-check the description of them, here Canadian Pharmacy Online helps me a lot). I should say, the mentioned product can be useful for me. Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out.

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  • Posted to How to Sleep Better and the Secret Power of Naps (Free Email Course), Nov 21, 2020

    Based on my experience, insomnia can be harmful to health. Also, it is awful to feel exhausted all the time. Of course, it is possible to take sleeping pills. But I checked the info about them on Canadian Pharmacy, and they turned out to have side effects and contraindications. What really helped was changing my daily routine, spending more time outdoors, relaxing after work, a warm bath before bed, and doing sports. It took me several weeks to see the result, but it was worth it.

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  • Posted to Guide for anyone applying to the U.S. small business relief loan program (COVID-19), Oct 28, 2020

    First of all, it is great that there exists such a program as a lot of people faced financial problems due to COVID-19. And my family is no exception. We took out a home loan just before the quarantine. Everything was ok, and according to a loan payments calculator, we would be able to repay the debt in five years. But when the shutdown began, we had to do our best to save our business. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the mentioned program at that time, so I borrowed money. But thanks for sharing! Life is unpredictable, especially nowadays. Who knows, maybe this info might be helpful for me in the future.

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  • Posted to Square’s Found a Way to Beat Banks at the Loan Business, Oct 25, 2020

    It is interesting to read it. When I wanted to get a bank loan, all my applications were denied. The reason was my bad credit score. You know, it is difficult to take out a loan having such a problem, even if the sum is small. The only way out for me was to address theguaranteedloans. They are short-term and I had to repay the debt fast, but it helped me a lot.

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  • Posted to What if you have trouble hearing important sounds and alerts? A design case study on an assistive app for the deaf and hard of hearing, Oct 21, 2020

    Great info. I experienced a temporary hearing loss and it was terrible. Fortunately, I found a good audiology centre where I received proper treatment. I'm sure that the mentioned app is very helpful for deaf people. And it is great that have the possibility to hear environmental sounds.

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  • Posted to Best Email Clients 2018, Oct 18, 2020

    I didn't try all email clients, but I like Gmail and Thunderbird. I used to have an account on Yahoo. It was the worst mailbox for me. I checked it some time ago, saved all necessary letters on my hard drive (do this now, and then using Email Detail Archive), and deleted the account. Also, I'm thinking about trying Polymail.

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  • Posted to What kind of office chair do you work in?, in reply to Tierney Cyren , Aug 30, 2020

    I also like to put my feet up from time to time, otherwise my legs burn with tiredness in the end of the working day. Also I experience back pain when sitting on an uncomfortable chair. I was lucky to find a recliner for back pain with footrest here (Muzii BIFMA Certified gaming chair). It is wonderful and I like it a lot.

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  • Posted to Workspace health, any pro tips?, Aug 25, 2020

    We all work hard. And it is not easy to find time for health. Almost all office workers have issues with back. Also stress really affects us. A lot of men, even young, suffer from ED because of it. Of course, they can buy Viagra online, but it doesn't solve the problem. My husband and I decided to take care of our health. We started doing sports, go cycling every weekend, go to the pool. Also we changed our nutrition. By the way, when I'm at the office, I stand up at least one time in an hour to limber up.

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