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  • Posted to What does a UX-designer normally do?, Apr 09, 2019

    While the UX designer role is complex, challenging and multifaceted, UX design is really fascinating and satisfying career path which could take you in many directions.

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  • Posted to 7 Email Marketing Tips For Better Results, Apr 08, 2019

    Email marketing is still relevant today. However, it can only be effective when you craft your marketing emails well. The tips you described are some of the best ways to improve your email marketing strategy to make them more effective, helping you achieve your goals. For the holiday season, coming up with effective strategies can help you make the most of your business so make sure that you level up all your campaigns. With the right strategies, your email marketing campaign can help you earn during the holidays.

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  • Posted to Would you like me to build an ios/android DN reader?, Apr 04, 2019

    Truly if you don't mind another iOS application for DN would be abundantly valued!

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  • Posted to The Truth About UX/UI Designers, Apr 03, 2019

    User experience is an essential part of creating any product in today’s world and something that should be incorporated into everything a company does because now more than ever, the customer is always right.

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  • Posted to Amazon's App Pattern That Take Advantage of Unused Real Estate, Apr 02, 2019

    Amazon is just a decent use case for a structure that isolates clients from their cash in any capacity conceivable. Their iOS application is a repulsive UI/UX mess and there are various irregularities between the telephone and tablet. This is one more in a long queue of don't with regards to UI/UX.

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