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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to shift from agency work to Product Design?, Sep 19, 2014

    From having made this exact transition very abrubtly, I can say that agency designers have the design theory down much more than product designers. Learn the technical craft and you'll be fine. Apply to smaller startups (<20) and you'll know everything you need to know, plus the grit and work ethic.

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  • Posted to New website van Gogh Museum, Aug 27, 2014

    Typography isn’t as poppin as I expected. :(

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  • Posted to The illustration work of Christopher Delorenzo, Aug 01, 2014

    So good!

    Love this one, especially.

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  • Posted to United States Postal Service—redesigning an american institution , in reply to Peter Müller , Jul 30, 2014

    Agree about information first.

    Looking at that image specifically, decreasing the size of the X TO Y DAYS section labels would allow for more padding with the cells below them and would probably help a bit with the scanning problem.

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  • Posted to United States Postal Service—redesigning an american institution , Jul 29, 2014

    Aesthetically pretty nice, but it’s so difficult to scan the text. The most dense areas of information being set in all-caps, condensed and with inverted text isn’t helping much. Huge step forward, regardless.

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  • Posted to New Wunderlist App, Jul 11, 2014

    Dayum. Get em, Joakim.

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  • Posted to Grids with no gutters, in reply to Jeff Miller , May 19, 2014

    Exactly what I was thinking. It’s especially a moot point with Sketch, where all of those values are calculated automatically after changing any one value.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your age?, May 15, 2014


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  • Posted to Read Receipts?, May 10, 2014

    I can imagine that they were designed to mimic real life conversations. In a real conversation, you have body language to show that you just heard a message or understood it—like a head nod. Of course, read receipts lead toward some bad side effect behaviors, but I can see the intent. It’s a similar thing with Facebook’s “thumbs up” option when replying to someone’s message. It’s a simple indicator that you heard them, without having to reciprocate with a worded reply.

    But, the problem is, that behavior can’t truly be replicated, since the “conversation” you’re participating in is forever ongoing. A real-life conversation has a beginning and an end, whereas a string of texts is quite less ephemeral.

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  • Posted to A Bold Google Homepage For The Modern Era, May 06, 2014

    Eh, he’s a student—can’t harp on him too badly. Besides, looks like it was just a fun visual exercise:

    “In order to exercise our digital muscles, let’s redesign! This is limited strictly to a reskinning of the current site. Rebranding and/or adding any new functionalities to the home search page is completely optional. With there being already a minimal approach to the page, reimagining should require us to think hard, critically and outside of the box to create a quality solution.” via the prompt

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