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  • Posted to Designer News vs GitHub: Profile URL Design, in reply to Jim Silverman , Apr 17, 2018

    There's quite a few reasons, but here's a few that are still on my mind:

    • The vast majority of internet users do not really know that underscore is a character. If you're making a TV/Radio/Podcast commercial, and say "underscore" most interpret that to be "underline" and do not know how to type that into the URL

    • Everyone knows what a dash is, it doesn't require a modifier key to type in. It's also in default keyboards on mobile (aka not behind the weird "symbols" third keyboard in iOS)

    • It's very common to use an underline to style URLs. Type has gotten better on the web since then, but it is still difficult to tell the difference between a space and an underscore in an underline style.

    • While some text editing modes do select the whole segment with an underscore and not a dash, some are opposite, some are neither. Very few computer users use this segment-but-not-whole-entity selection mode, or even know of its existence.

    • Over the past twenty years or so, web syntax (HTML, CSS, Javascript) has settled away from snake case and toward camel case and dash casing. Dash casing in particular works well in an acronym heavy environment like the web.

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  • Posted to How do I steal Ryan Singer's job?, Mar 16, 2015

    My 2¢:

    Throw yourself in uncomfortable situations. As long as you imagine there's something you don't know stopping you, you'll always be stuck. Take on a project that you know you can't do (you'll have to learn). Invent frivolous side projects that force you to work in a different way. Try to implement a dribbble shot into a working prototype. Use something like your personal site to execute on the skills you wish you had.

    Code is all about turning an idea into reality, and there's no correct way to do it. Every company will work with a different set of frameworks, a different set of technologies. Don't try to master anything specific, just try to master enough so that you can turn any idea into reality. Master that skill, and you'll find out that you'll naturally create the position you're looking for.

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  • Posted to The Climate Movement Needs Rebranding, But These Milton Glazer Buttons Won't Do It, Aug 09, 2014

    This article is unfortunately nothing but a sensationalist headline. It doesn't go into any reasons as to why the climate movement needs a rebranding, and the only critique of Glaser's work is this small paragraph toward the end:

    It seems like the sort of old-school "save the Earth" environmental message that instantly divides an audience. The slogan also isn't exactly right; the Earth is warming (the campaign's URL sounds like a denial website), and the planet itself isn't dying--it's just that humanity and most of the other living species on it might, eventually, if things don't quickly change.

    Which really isn't so much of a critique, as a what-if scenario someone might imagine in their coffee break.

    Cool photos in the slideshow though, I'd recommend sticking to those.

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  • Posted to Investors of Secret: I have a favor to ask, in reply to John Flynn , Aug 06, 2014

    Because I understand VCs motives — they want to make money. Funding The Ocean Cleanup has the potential of creating new types of businesses — creating new investment opportunities.

    Of course I'd be happier if they forced Secret to shut down, but there's no financial gain there for them, so it doesn't make sense to argue that to them. Speak to people in the language they understand, and for VCs that's raising money to build businesses.

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  • Posted to Investors of Secret: I have a favor to ask, in reply to Michael Aleo , Aug 06, 2014

    There's a lot more in the article (I would suggest reading it).

    My advocating for The Ocean Cleanup is because:

    a) It's pretty damn cool, and an interesting charity for Venture Capitalists (given it could spark a new industry)

    b) Literally any other use of money other than funding Secret would be a good idea. Substitute cleaning the oceans with buying $25 million in Ritz crackers, the point would be the same.

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