• Des DevDes Dev, 3 years ago

    You can just sell that on ui8.net, Samsung

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  • Andreas DantzAndreas Dantz, 3 years ago

    The combination of the corner radii on the phones and in the interface make me angry.

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  • Nik TreiberNik Treiber, 3 years ago

    Find it odd that they have so many compression artefacts on those mockups...

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  • Martin Velchevski, 3 years ago

    Seems to me there's a lot of wasted screen space, see 'messages', 'alarms' and 'notes'. The information density on certain other screens though is absolutely insane, look at the 'members application' for example. The top of that screen is giving me an OCD fit. IMO the solution to UI layout on tall phones is not blasting 80% of the UI on the bottom of the screen.

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    • Neil SpurgeonNeil Spurgeon, 3 years ago

      True, but I don't think the Members app is really part of One UI yet.

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    • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 3 years ago

      I think they have a good idea here, but poorly executed in some parts. I'm surprised no other OSes have even tried with the problem of huge screens. It does make sense to make the top half of the screen, at least in a default state, more of a "readout" and keep the interactive elements towards the bottom.

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      • Martin Velchevski, 3 years ago

        I am actually very interested in learning more about the research upon which this approach is based. Some simple routine tasks like setting up an alarm, adding a note, the initial steps of a complex flow might be better optimized for one-handed operation, however it's highly likely that as the complexity of the task increases you'll have to use 2 hands anyways so I'm not sure whether this exact sort of optimization is worth it, but yeah... if they made the research or rational public it'll most certainly be an interesting read.

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  • Suganth SSuganth S, 3 years ago

    At Samsung HQ

    Let's make a really tall phone, shrink the size of the content area and sell it at a high price

    Evil laugh

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    • Alim MaasogluAlim Maasoglu, 3 years ago

      At Apple HQ

      Make a tall & fat phone with outdated hardware from 4 years ago, bold bezels & ugly ass notch and sell it for $1200. Oh, and by the way whenever is something is cracked or doesn't work we will repair it for $900. Yeet.

      Edit: -11. So I really triggered 11 Apple sheeples. Gotcha!

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      • Andy MerskinAndy Merskin, 3 years ago

        I'm genuinely having trouble finding this untrue ;)

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        • Alim MaasogluAlim Maasoglu, 3 years ago

          Well many are upset about my comment lmao

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          • Account deleted 3 years ago

            It's because nobody here gives a fuck about smartphone spec wars. Go to the verge if you want to discuss that stuff.

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            • Alim MaasogluAlim Maasoglu, 3 years ago

              They care so little about "smartphone wars" they logged in to give a thumbs down. ok.

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              • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 3 years ago

                Thumbs down means I find it doesn't contribute to the discussion, and most of us are already logged in ;)

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      • Joey Prijs, 3 years ago

        You're getting downvoted because you felt the need to piss on something that's not even relevant to the discussion; people are talking about Samsung, not Apple. Nobody asked for a comparison (let alone a biased one...).

        And you have the audacity to call other people sheeps? That's what I call irony...

        Go somewhere else if you feel the need to trigger people, we don't need that here.

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      • Sean SchraederSean Schraeder, 3 years ago

        Outdated hardware... Are we talking A-class chips vs Qualcomm? Have you seen the benchmarks? Do explain!

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  • Jay RJay R, 3 years ago

    FreeSketchResources > Download > Replace Mockups > Upload

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