• Account deleted 5 years ago

    Let this be the revival of authentic and creative web design again.

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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, 5 years ago

      yes, please. I have become a bit sick of the sanitized webdesign. its clean, but it gets boring quickly.

      i have always tried to make my own portfolio sites a bit different from whatever the web trends you have to watch is that week, and i hope more people make more interesting sites!

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  • Norm Sheeran, 5 years ago

    I love it

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  • Justin Jackson, 5 years ago

    A little background: I wanted to switch my site off of WordPress, and my friend Jack offered to redesign it.

    But... I wanted to keep the brutalist aesthetic. (I still get quite a bit of traffic from pages like this)

    So we worked on making the site look like an old punk rock zine. (Complete with photocopied images, tweets, etc...)

    I know it won't be for everyone, but I really dig it.

    I switched to Statamic CMS from WordPress, and I'm hosting it on Digital Ocean (using Laravel Forge).

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    • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 5 years ago

      Now, did you actually photo copied the images to start the effects or all straight photoshop?

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      • Justin Jackson, 5 years ago

        Nope,we're using PHP + Glide to create that effect.

        Glide is built into my CMS (Statamic), so we just run:

        <img src="{{ glide:image filter="greyscale" contrast="+70" sharpen="70" }}">.
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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 5 years ago

    Maximum Rock and Roll!

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  • Christian PerezChristian Perez, 5 years ago

    Great design. I loved your thoughts on hosting, database, and most interestingly "sanitized design." As a creator I want to make great unique designs, but as a business person clean templates almost always win. I like to see how you're going against the grain and setting the example.

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