• R.J. LaCountR.J. LaCount, 5 years ago

    One piece of advice I have - these guys need to ease up on the sales a bit. I signed up for an account just to take a look as I was setting up tools for a new job but ended up not having time to investigate much, so made a quick Trello board for my current tasks and planned to look at it later.

    In the following week, their senior sales consultant emailed me several times and even called me at my office after I hadn't gotten to his emails yet to see if I needed help setting things up. I understand sending an email to offer assistance, but the pushiness of the sales team kind of put me off from the platform, to be honest.

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  • Matt Ritter, 5 years ago

    I see ads for Monday on YouTube all the time, and it actually turns me off from the product entirely.

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