• Matt C, over 2 years ago

    Looks very cool! The voiceover said this was "responsive" design though, which it doesn't appear to be - it's certainly fluid which is nice, but it's no more responsive design than Sketch or Figma is capable of it seems.

    Still very excited to try it out!

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  • Wallie Subs, over 2 years ago

    Anyone actually gotten an invite yet? First impressions?

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  • Jurre Houtkamp, 2 years ago

    Hey, designers! We’re excited to let you know that our Beta rollout officially starts today! We’ll be sending invites out in batches so please be patient if you don’t receive yours right away.

    In the meantime, check out our new Layout page to learn all about powerful features like adaptive layouts, automatic nesting, and flexible stacks. With Framer X, UI design never felt so simple. Learn more — https://bit.ly/2KcIzqU

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    • John Jackson, 2 years ago

      Looking forward to trying it out! Out of curiosity, how large are the beta waves?

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    • Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, 2 years ago

      Do you have a video outlining the interaction improvements in X? (Similar to a video like this?). I'm very stoked to possibly kill Principle/Flinto from my workflow. :)

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    • Juan Gonzalez, 2 years ago

      Looks great, wish it was multiplatform

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  • Stephan Lenting, 2 years ago

    Stacks are looking magical! Love the drag & drop to rearrange elements.

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  • Norm Sheeran, 2 years ago

    Wowza! This looks impressive!

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  • Joshua MillerJoshua Miller, 2 years ago

    Curious: is the new stacks component a mix of Flexbox and Grid? Will grid be fully supported in the future?

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  • Johnny Bad, 2 years ago

    At first sight it looks very intuitive, love the drag and drop. Im going to give it a try.

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  • thosch rettechs, over 2 years ago

    does FramerX support element states as hover and pressed? That would be soooo important for me.

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  • Cameron GettyCameron Getty, 2 years ago

    refreshes inbox over and over

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