• Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, almost 3 years ago

    Phase feels like vaporware. I'm tired of all the hype around tools like InVision Studio, Phase, etc. that have very little to show in terms of being functional, usable products.

    Figma, by contrast, was insanely valuable in its early Alpha from day one.

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    • Vlad Shvets, over 2 years ago

      Phase is real.

      In fact, we'd recently presented first ever Phase demo on a meetup in Berlin.

      Watch it here.

      You can watch us creating interactions with the basic building blocks of interactions. Same things that would take 5-15 min in code took us just 15 seconds.

      Companies and products before did promise certain things and deadlines - then failed to deliver.

      Trust us - that's not us.

      We're being super opened with the community about the status and progress on Phase. You can read the latest update here.

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      • Matt C, over 2 years ago

        This was the world's most boring presentation. You're trying to pretend like you app is the first at doing any of these things instead of just getting to the meat of the product. The fact that you're dancing around what your app actually does leaves me highly skeptical.

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        • Vlad Shvets, over 2 years ago

          We'd mentioned that some of the features are still being polished, but the "meat of the product" is there. Phase is really the first digital design tool to allow you create isolated interactions visually with dynamic selectors, styles, conditions (absolutely none design tools handle conditions, which is crazy).

          Thank you for the healthy skepticism though. Hopefully it'll dispel once we release the working products and you try it yourself :)

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    • Nick NobleNick Noble, almost 3 years ago

      While your point about Figma is super true, I think it's a little early to say.

      Bjango Skala on the other hand...

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      • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, almost 3 years ago

        Skala hasn't been hyped though... and Marc Edwards contributes meaningfully to the design community and other tools like Photoshop, Sketch, etc.

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        • Nick NobleNick Noble, almost 3 years ago

          That's very true! I didn't mean to throw shade, just mentioning that it's been floating around for a much longer time with no sign of release.

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    • Marcel M., over 2 years ago

      Another reason I still like Figma a lot. They don't talk too much about what's in the pipeline - just deliver straight away :)

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  • Andrew C, almost 3 years ago

    Interesting. I watched the demo. The biggest thing for me as a Design Director that emphasizes research and user testing was the ability to rapidly prototype.

    I’m not really convinced with the print-artboards-as-enemy ethos. Sketch does things v well too. Figma as well.

    But a system built around usability is an idea that could truly change the game.

    A couple of notes: - The video posted of the demo had like 40 minutes of downtime and filler. Post a trimmed version of just the demo by the salty lumberjack

    • Actual rigorous user testing needs video recording.

    • Flat designs split in to several artboards are easy for designers peeking in other designers’ files. Consideration for navigating and skimming visual work is a key benefit of this. Interactive components need help for designers to discover the breadth of a design.

    Ever had a designer give you one art board with layouts stacked in folders? A nightmare.

    • You touched on this a bit but a readable file format like Sketch provides is key. If other stuff can’t import your files this is a step back for the industry.
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  • Conner Sinclair, almost 3 years ago

    Hi Vlad,

    I'm really interested in your tool. Have you got a solid date set where you plan on granting early access to designers? Me and the team are really keen to see what Phase can do for us.


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    • Vlad Shvets, almost 3 years ago

      Hey Conner,

      No solid date set yet, but it's certainly going to be next month. We will surely keep you tuned ;)

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