Dynamic Layouts In Phase — { Panta Rhei* }

4 years ago from , Co-Founder @ Phase

Hey guys!

Phase v1 coming early this summer is all about creating Interactions.

Meanwhile, our design team is looking ahead and working on the next versions and features - which we'll be shipping soon.

Today we're happy sharing with you our Dynamic Layouts model. We're confident it'll finally let the content in our prototypes flow and adapt dynamically. Just like it does in the real web and mobile apps.

Layouts In Phase — { Panta Rhei* } - read the full post on Medium.

Your suggestions and thoughts matter a lot to us! Let's chat in the #discussions channel in Phase Community or in the comments below!

Yours, Phase Team


  • Kip HolcombKip Holcomb, 4 years ago

    This layout system is really exciting and reminds me of Subform's. It's pretty crazy that we still don't have a modern layout solution in any of the major design programs we all use (the Anima Stacks plugin for Sketch is definitely helpful, but not nearly as powerful as something like what Phase is showing). Phase will need something to compete with Sketch Libraries. Until it does, it'll be tough to pick between the two.

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    • , 4 years ago

      Thanks for kind words, Kip! Phase is actually rethinking Libraries in many ways. Components in our web and mobile apps are much more than SVG symbols, right? So of course, the components in Phase are elements, timings, values, properties. Even dynamic layouts are components too! All with deep and dynamic composition and flexible overrides.

      Both Dynamic Layouts and Libraries are coming in Phase v2+ - but that'd be only a few months after the release.

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  • Sebastian Winther, 4 years ago

    I'm looking forward to trying Phase once you launch. It seems like you guys are working on solving a lot of the problems that exist in our current digital design tools, so thank you for that.

    One thing that I couldn't help to think reading through your post, though: wow that's a lot of different buttons and input fields. Of course it's always hard to have a valid opinion on this without actually having tried out the tool, but it seems to be, well ... overly complicated?

    I really enjoyed this talk by Kevin from Subform about how they chose their layout model.

    What are your thoughts on simplicity/ease of use vs loads of features?

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    • Wojciech Dobry, 4 years ago

      Hey Sebastian, thanks a lot for your comment!

      We definitely want to include this whole model without any limitations. The UI that you see inside the article is not in its final form yet. Some of the features will be moved into the workspace, some of them visible for specific element types. We strive to provide to simplest UX and UI possible. The article covers our thinking about layouts, but it doesn't show their final form.

      Thanks, Wojciech from Phase

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