• Lucian .esLucian .es, 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Ales & Marian. Insightful post ;)

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  • Jean P, 3 years ago

    But you are having a chatbot on your landing page :(

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  • , 3 years ago

    Take a look at how the design team at STRV is managed in this detailed article :)

    Curious to hear about how your teams are managed/structured, anyone up to for a follow-up discussion?

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    • Smile Studio, 3 years ago

      Hey Ales, do you think you can apply this strategy into another field of design like motion graphics or branding for instance?

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      • Ales Nesetril, 3 years ago

        Hey, I think that is definitely possible. It's just the types of projects you may be working on that makes a difference, but how the team is structured and how responsibilities are distributed across team members can be the same.

        Of course, you may need to make little tweaks to make this strategy fit your company model, but I think it's just fine... No hardcore changes...

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