• Rick ButterfieldRick Butterfield, almost 3 years ago

    No mention of Intersection Observer? It's quite well supported now.

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  • Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, almost 3 years ago

    Anyone experienced with JS animation and willing to help me a bit? I have a couple of questions. If you are that awesome please hit me @rojcyk

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  • Pete Sadler, almost 3 years ago

    Use waypointsJS - there is no need to be using jQuery in 2018 for something like this.

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    • stephen fstephen f, almost 3 years ago

      Why would you want to plug in a whole library like waypointJS (9KB minified jQuery) if you only require a simple solution like the one shown, which is like 13 lines of js/jQuery?

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    • Rik Lomas, almost 3 years ago

      Hey Pete, author of the article here. We could have used waypoints, yeh, but it was more about showing people how to think about Javascript, especially if they're a beginner to it. The reason we used jQuery is that for people who may know CSS but not Javascript, it's a shorter jump to pick it up. We could have done this without waypoints and jQuery, and wrote the article in vanilla JS but I felt there would be more concepts to explain – I wanted to dive in with the good stuff!

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  • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, 3 years ago

    no mention of GSAP?

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    • Josh Sanders, 3 years ago

      or vue.js... or velocity.js... or animate.css... or any other library used for animation. It looks like the author was showing a basic use case utilizing CSS and jquery, so... why would GSAP need to be mentioned?

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      • Adam Oskwarek, 3 years ago

        Yep, this example was from the book which is part of the Foundation course. There's some things like anime.js on the Advanced course too

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      • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, almost 3 years ago

        Why would I use vue just to do some simple fade animations? If someone is using vue, they probably know how to do basic things like this.

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        • Josh Sanders, almost 3 years ago

          That's what you managed to take away from my comment!? -_- Yes, it goes without saying that if someone is using vue, they probably know how to do basic stuff like this... which was the underlying point of my original comment:

          Why would GSAP (or any of the other countless other animation libs) need to be highlighted here, when the same result can easily be achieved with basic javascript (with or without jquery) which is what the author was demonstrating?

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    • Rik Lomas, 3 years ago

      Hiya, I'm Rik, I wrote the blog post – I wanted to show something quick and easy for someone who may never had played around with Javascript for fear of being scared of how it worked/looked. There's no reason that someone couldn't take the code from the article and build on top of it (with GSAP, velocity.js or whatever) – I wanted to show how to think about turning design features into code using Javascript rather than get too heavy with it

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