• Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, almost 6 years ago

    1 - "Marketers must make email preference centers part of their marketing efforts." .. Not a prediction

    2 - "To stand out in 2018 marketers should focus on strengthening the relationship with their customers by building their brand. " ... Not a prediction

    3 - "Treat each and every email as a customer service email" ... Not a prediction

    4 - "We predict being genuinely emoji literate will continue to be a coveted skill in 2018 and beyond." .. While this is touching on being a 'prediction', I don't see any real-world metrics that show that using Emojis are changing open rates or conversion rates. In fact, I have seen the opposite in my own campaigns - Emojis in subject lines are a signal for spam.

    5 - "Email marketers start really focusing on meaningful personalisation" .. Not a prediction, unless this is 2008

    6 - "AI, genius coding, and interactive content will be the catalyst for more personal email allowing deeper and more frequent data collection to evolve." - Sort of true.. Though I feel throwing the 'AI' buzzword in there is pointless and really this whole point is the same as the above - not a prediction, but a "hey, maybe look at the data and personalise your marketing" comment. Which has been the thing to do forever.

    7 - "Two watchwords for email marketing in 2018: Accessibility and Consent" again.. not a prediction. If you aren't already making accessible campaigns with sanitised lists of good leads, then you're not doing it right.

    8 - "Make sure you test, with a plan" ... Not a prediction!

    I'm stopping here. This article is nonsense.

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