Launched my portfolio - I AM KINDA OFFICIALLY A FREELANCER NOW (gyormoore.com)

almost 6 years ago from , Interactive Designer at Supersteil

I just launched my personal portfolio and I want to give this freelance thing an honest try. So if anyone out there needs a freelance Visual Designer / Art Director / Producer, holla


  • Ken Em, almost 6 years ago

    I'm afraid I didn't get too far into the site. The rapidly flashing images are somewhat distracting and seizure-inducing. They made me want to look away quickly.

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  • Craig Garner, almost 6 years ago

    Design is nice, though I'd consider optimising your images a little. For example: on this page: http://www.gyormoore.com/project/blendgallery the weight of the page is 18.8mb. There is a 2.24mb png called 'slice3.png' that only appears as a tiny thumbnail, it doesn't need to be that big.

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    • , almost 6 years ago

      Ah that's pretty smart actually (and pretty not-smart from my side). I will definitely check that out. Thanks!

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  • Dustin Locke, almost 6 years ago

    I really like it, Gyor. It's definitely (for better or worse) on-trend but comes off very high-end, high-taste, fashion-forward. Sure flashing images are garish, but that's a design choice you made to give the site a certain feeling, and I think it works.

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    • , almost 6 years ago

      Thanks Dustin. Definitely need to consider adjusting the flashing images but yea I was going for a high end feel so good to hear that what it feels like :-)

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