How to work with multiple designers on one project?

6 years ago from , UX Designer / Front-end developer

Hello there,

Currently, I'm working on creating a new workflow for the designers at the company I work for. So this is where I need some help from the community with.

Little background information: We're working on Windows computers and use Adobe Experience Design to create websites. Mainly we're designing applications and websites. We're working with two designers now, but this will probably increase quickly. Sometimes we work on one project together.

Problem alert! We don't have any version control yet, just some separate files. Also, we've got to create developer guidelines for our front-end developers, this takes a lot of time.

I would like to know how you guys work. Doesn't matter if you work on Windows or Apple, we're open for everything. What I've been reading mostly is to use Sketch in combination with Invision, Zeplin and some other plugins.

Please leave a comment below! Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Sander


  • Nora Wolf, 6 years ago

    I work in a small team on Mac, using Sketch. I am not going to persuade you to use Mac & Sketch, to each their own; I would however like to stress the importance of version control. We have had to roll back a version more than once, and when you're all working in your own file on your own little island it's almost impossible to take a step back with the whole team.

    Best of luck Sander!

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    • , 6 years ago

      Thank you very much! Yeah, I'm using a Mac myself in my free time, but now I have to convince my manager to invest.

      Can I ask you one more question? What Sketch plugins do you use to collaborate/create developer guidelines?

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      • Nora Wolf, 6 years ago

        Of course. We actually don't use a plugin to create developer guidelines, I usually create a confluence page with all the guidelines and present the screens to the development team so they know exactly what I mean.

        As for collaboration, we use Git and since Sketch 47 we have Libraries which make it easy(/easier) to share your work across teams.

        Hope this helps!

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