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over 4 years ago from , Conversion Designer

A month or so ago I posted here on DN looking for feedback, and it turned out incredibly well. We took almost every single suggestion of yours, implemented them, and now we have a product in our portfolio that we couldn't be more proud on. Thank you for that!!

We made a new product and I need your help again.

I see DesignerNews as THE only place where I can find a constructive design feedback. In the past, I was looking for feedback on DeviantArt, Dribbble, Behance, etc. and I have never got past "Awesome work, dude!". I really can't understand why are almost all design communities so unwilling to help or give valuable feedback. Thank god for DN!

Anyway, let me tell you where I need help today.

We at ProteusThemes are making premium WordPress themes. We did a survey and sent it to nearly 30k email subscribers asking which WordPress theme they want us to develop next. Their answer was clear; they wanted a marketing WordPress theme with a couple of exciting features, and we made it.

Please take a look at GrowthPress and tell me what can I improve so it will look even better - See GrowthPress demo page

I was in charge of the design. The biggest challenge was to design something that looks beautiful and converts well. When designing and A/B testing our company's website, we often found out that the best conversion is on the ugliest, craziest call-to-actions.

With GrowthPress we wanted to blend the techniques that convert well with the modern visual design.

Since here on DN are a lot of talented designers, I wanted you to help me improve the visual part of GrowthPress. What would you do to make it more beautiful, smoother, more straightforward, better, more appealing?

Here is the link again --> See GrowthPress demo page

Any help how we can improve GrowthPress will be much appreciated. Thank you from the whole ProteusThemes team! Jaka


  • team NOOB, over 4 years ago

    Not super keen on this image you have used and edited for a background in one of the sections on the homepage: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/abstract-network-circles-formed-out-people-225204685?src=UQoDPmfrNEjewEeJ0NBD8w-6-32 - feels out of place with everything else resembling the clean, flat style.

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    • Ciarán Hanrahan, over 4 years ago

      Similar to this point on the use of imagery - the image of the hand holding the device doesn't look too clean to me (whereas the rest of the site does) and facebook offer free device hands that look really well that might sit in better: http://facebook.design/handskit - Personally I think that just the device with the product on the phone will work better and communicate a clearer message.

      (Just realised they're not to be used for "commercial purposes without express written permission" who knows, maybe they'll give it ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Or perhaps you can trick them into giving permission like they've managed to trick me into providing all of my data to be used for commercial purposes.

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      • Jaka Smid, over 4 years ago

        Yes, thank you!

        I agree with you that there is too much visual noise at the moment. We will fix that with more beautiful, clearer phone in hand.

        2 useful advice already, TOP!

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    • Jaka Smid, over 4 years ago

      That is what I'm talking about, a useful advice!

      I agree with you, and we will change that background because it breaks the balance.

      Thank you!

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  • Max RonaiMax Ronai, over 4 years ago

    This honestly looks incredible! Great use of colors. Can't think of much to critique :P.

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    • Jaka Smid, over 4 years ago

      If I point a gun to your head saying that you need to tell me some critique what should I improve or I kill you, what would that be?

      Otherwise, big thank you for your lovely comment!! Much appreciated :D

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  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, over 4 years ago

    Very clean, and pretty good use of white space. While it's not a "current trends" sort of site in it's design, this would work very well for SME's or other small enterprise. Nice work.

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    • Jaka Smid, over 4 years ago

      Exactly, Aaron!

      I have been in WordPress theme business for many years now, and trendy designs just don't work well for SMEs and WordPress themes don't sell well either.

      Thank you for the lovely comment!

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