• Paul HermannPaul Hermann, 3 years ago

    Haven't seen that Facebook widget in a while.

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  • Yitong ZhangYitong Zhang, 3 years ago

    Looking great. Btw, not sure if this is intentional, but there's no padding under the links in the footer.

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  • Richel TongRichel Tong, 3 years ago

    Stunning work, dude.

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  • Richard SisonRichard Sison, almost 3 years ago

    I love it! Very simple and clean and the images really stand out! Amazing work mate. Well done! Would love a little more background on the projects though!

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  • Adam Solberg, 3 years ago

    The designs featured in the case studies look absolutely stunning! Great Job!

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  • Jared CJared C, 3 years ago

    If this were a strictly for visual design it's awesome. But for a product role I would like to see more explanation/process type content over lots of (very pretty) screens.

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  • Razvan from EpicCodersRazvan from EpicCoders, 3 years ago

    Looks simple and cool. I don't love the code indentation though. :)) Joking it doesn't really matter if it's only you that will code this.

    But this also drives the question did you just design this or you also know some html+js+css ?

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