North of Rosemont: Notebooks finally open for pre-order

6 years ago from , Director, Digital Strategy & UX

Hi guys,

About a month ago I posted an early look at a new side project of mine, and I'm happy to say we're officially open for pre-orders.

We've hit production and will start shipping October 1. This first go around we're limiting things to 500 units to pace ourselves and learn as much as possible.

Our last version of the site didn't have too much info on it beyond a quick look and email signup, but now we've launched a product/order page with tech details and additional photos.

Check it out at northofrosemont.com.

I have to say this community has always given me the extra push I needed to do the dirty work and get my side experiments/projects/explorations off the ground.

This is the first time I've released one to the world. Thanks for all the support! Much love.