Trackpad worth the upgrade?

6 years ago from , Designer

Thinking of buying a trackpad, are there still people using the older version or is it worth spending 3 times the amount on the new one?!


  • Chris Nordqvist, 6 years ago

    I've had both, and heavily prefer the new one, even though it's ridiculously expensive

    I'd say there's a few major upsides:

    • rechargable
    • easy to pair (just plug it in)
    • works over USB too
    • no moving parts (the old one clicks through it's rubber feet, mine broke)
    • force touch
    • larger touch area
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    • dh ., 6 years ago
      • I guess you could just rechargeable batteries (although not optimal)
      • If it pairs like mac keyboard can't see there being a problem?
      • How often do you use the forcetouch? I can't remember last time on iPhone 6s.
      • Is it noticeable having the larger touch area when designing in sketch?

      I'm always a fan of buying older technology that does the job!

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      • Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, 6 years ago
        • Once you run out of batteries and need to wait for them to recharge (or need to go to store to get new ones) it will be a pain.... paaaaaaaaiiiiin.
        • Maybe you are just lucky, but I have connection issues at least twice a month
        • Not using forcetouch.
        • It is a huge difference.

        BUT if your works correctly there is no reason to upgrade.

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      • Chris Nordqvist, 6 years ago
        • Rechargeable batteries would work I guess, but it's more of a hassle.
        • Pairing is a total mess if you have more than one mac in a room (and want to switch between them), usb makes it 10x better actually.
        • Use force touch all the time, remapped it to bring up shortcuts for window management, so that's how I throw windows around.
        • I'd say it's noticeable anywhere, but def didn't feel limited by the old one on this.

        Old one def does a stellar job still, I'd say it's the second best trackpad you can buy, it's just that the new one is the best :)

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  • Dan W, 6 years ago

    IMO the only genuine advantage is not having to change the batteries but seeing as I have a bunch of rechargeable batteries lying around and still have to do it for my keyboard that's really not a big deal…so I would say no, not worth it.

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  • Vince SchwidderVince Schwidder, 6 years ago

    I've used the new keyboard and trackpad for 1 month this summer as my colleague was on vacation. I would say it's NOT worth the upgrade.

    It feels better, matches my new MBP and charging is easier, but not worth 5678129123789 bucks.

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, 6 years ago

    I'm using the old one and I hate changing the battery. I don't see any other reason to change it.

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