Verstory – find the latest release of (pretty much) anything

3 years ago from , Web Designer

A little side project we've built in a few days that will hopefully be useful to some of you.

After speaking with clients, we found it cumbersome to keep visiting each of the developer sites when we wanted to know what the latest version of a CMS or Framework was, and when it had been released. So, we decided to build Verstroy so that everything is accessible quick and easy in a single place.

Would love some feedback, or if you feel there are any entries you think should be added :-)

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  • Ignacio Palomo DuarteIgnacio Palomo Duarte, 3 years ago

    Nice idea and very nice design :-)

    As feedback, I don't know which CSS techniques are being used nowadays (CSS grid? flexbox?) but the scroll goes a bit slow in a 2 year old macbook pro.

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  • Greg WolffGreg Wolff, 3 years ago

    Really well made, my only complaint is that the circles in the background shouldn't be fixed. They distract from the cards, since they pop in and out as you scroll down. Everything else feels very well thought out. Bookmarked!

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    • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, 3 years ago

      Originally it wasn't meant to be, but we made the background fixed as a hot fix for something else, will update it shortly. Thanks for the feedback + bookmark Greg :-)

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  • Jackson SmithJackson Smith, 3 years ago

    This is cool.. good work guys!

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