• Arthur Simon, almost 6 years ago

    Ugh! This just adds fuel to my desire to get an iPad Pro!

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    • Jamie Diamond, almost 6 years ago

      For years, I thought it was an exigence, like I just didn't need one. Then a couple months ago, got a Pro as a gift, and it's quite something. No, it doesn't have the power to replace your AutoCAD or Premiere, or even full production design workflow, but a lot of that's down to software.

      The software is already great now. This fall makes it even better with system 11. And we'll continue to see indie makers get better at round-tripping projects and hopefully Adobe steps up their game as well.

      For now, I find a majority of things I do in a day, research, email, reading, watching, light writing, sketching, roughing out wireframes, charting, can all be done on this thing. I have a beefy desktop...I have a 15-inch Macbook. The moment you have this thing, you start to reevaluate what things you really need to do when you're in a room, in a certain position (big chair or bed), or packing to go somewhere. I find the iPad gets me 80% of the way there for more stuff than I ever thought. And it'll only get better. (Note: I have the 10.5 inch...the 12 is amazing too, but that carries a whole separate discussion with it).

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      • Pine WuPine Wu, almost 6 years ago

        Would you mind sharing the apps you are using for "sketching, roughing out wireframes, charting"?

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