• Account deleted over 3 years ago

    This has all the ingredients of something I'd hate yet for some reason I love it. Nice.

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  • Louis BLouis B, over 3 years ago

    This is honestly so so great Rafael! Love it.

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  • Ken Em, over 3 years ago

    I don't get when designers and developers have someone else design their site for them.

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    • Interested Curious, over 3 years ago

      I think it depends on the type of designer to be entirely honest.

      Like checking out his work, it's super clear animations are what a team would use him for.

      Checking his twitter etc seems like he's an intern. I think him focusing on animation can't hurt, and the site being so bare bones outside of animations are likely intentional here.

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      • Rafael Derolez, over 3 years ago

        Haha, the intern thing is an inside joke. 2 years after my internship, some of my colleagues never stopped referring to me as 'intern' and so I was named Head of Interns. Animations are intentional indeed ;)

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  • Kelsey LegaultKelsey Legault, over 3 years ago

    so cool, love the rotating text on the about page !

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  • Kid 91, over 3 years ago

    nice! lately i've also been specialising in developing highly animated interactive websites too.

    it looks more like a designers portfolio than a frontender's portfolio, since in the work pages there's only static images. I think videos of the websites would showcase your skills much better. for example, Mariah or Messiah is a really cool project with smooth animations and nice interactions, but that's not showcased in your portfolio.

    ps: nice easter egg in the console ;)

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    • , over 3 years ago

      Videos is something I'll probably be adding somewhere down the line. It'll require some refactoring and will give me the time to properly improve some parts of the site. Thanks!

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  • Isaiah NathanaelIsaiah Nathanael, over 3 years ago

    Luv it!

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  • Joe Baker, over 3 years ago

    Solid portfolio. Took me a second to get to grips with the UI but no complaints here.

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  • Spencer HaizelSpencer Haizel, over 3 years ago

    Ugh, there's just no need for the typography to be so big.

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  • Bhavya Aggarwal, over 3 years ago

    Love the website as well. A few things that I do think could do better. 1. Background color. Of course ,it is a very subjective thing. Not a big fan of black. 2. The portfolios could have animations/gifs showing the real magic of what you actually did. Even after I read you are a front end dev, when I was going through the portfolio pages, somehow I wanted to think that you are a designer and you may have designed these pages.

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  • Adrian CabreroAdrian Cabrero, over 3 years ago

    big fan of your work! love the portfolio.

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  • peter lipeter li, over 3 years ago

    great balance of flexing and restraint, love how extra the interactions are and everything is laid out nicely. one feedback (purely stylistic / preference) is im not the biggest fan of the project title hover effect. the transparent-text-with-thin-white-outline trope is just a bit outdated and puts it slightly over the edge between cool and cheesy. i think if you kept the project text white on hover it would look much better

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  • Tyler RenfroTyler Renfro, over 3 years ago

    That animated intro was hard to read. Difficult to read moving type. The rest of the type setting on the site is quite good.

    Also, the e-mail opens up a mailto: in a new tab, why?

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