Whats your favorite web design trend of the past?

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Okay, I'm old and I enjoy looking back at the old days. I tossed some of mine.. the dates might not be correct.

Early 2000's

  • Not to brag, but my site works on Netscape 2 and Internet Explore 3. I show it at the bottom of all my sites.
  • You know what this site needs? Some digital music auto playing and some gif animation I stole from sites I found on webcrawler.
  • Boom, Just added some social interaction to my site... aka adding a guestbook or a vBulletin forum.
  • Psh, I just went viral, I have 1,000 hits on my hit counter... hold up refreshrefreshrefresh oh wait 1,003.
  • Did you know I was popular? Cant you tell with all the affiliate badges on my site
  • I'm currently live "tweeting" with my 2 users because I just added an online chat feeds to my landing page
  • table tr td /td /tr /table
  • Sublime? Psh I code in the MS text editor
  • Macromedia is the bomb

Mid 2000's

  • Its all about the Div, Div, Div
  • Drooling over 2advanced flash sites... why are you sooo pretty
  • Getting my inspirational zen on with CSS Zen Garden
  • Reading and buying books on design trends and how to get started with Flash (I'm coming after you 2advanced)
  • Name dropping your host in the footer... oh yah 2advanced hosting
  • Using javascript to modify our fonts before webfonts were a thing
  • Colorizing that ugly gray browser scroll bar on the side
  • Skeuomorphism or GTFO

Early 2010's

  • I got 99 problems, but my mobile redirect ain't
  • Getting my grunge on by adding textures and splashes to everything!
  • Paralax! I don't know what it is but we need to do it!
  • Lightboxes and slideshows for all!
  • Wait you don't using css sprites?!?!
  • Wait why are you using mobile redirects? Its about responsive!
  • Screw skeuomorphism, its about flat design

The Past 3-4 Years

  • JS & CSS Animations for everything! Its like powerpoint all over again!
  • Videos in the background?!?! Heck yah screw loading time!
  • Wait... your not using long shadows?!?!
  • Oh you don't want to save 10% and give me your email, sure fine.. just close this lightbox and pretend everything is cool again.
  • Gradients are cool again! My inner Geocities kid is happy!
  • Style guides! Design Systems!
  • Full bleed hero image with text on top... boom my work here is done
  • oh wait, you aren't using SVGs animations?!?!
  • Flexbox! I can finally center things! Sorry Margin-top
  • Why aren't you using [Insert Sketch, Flint, Invision, Craft ]
  • Wait your are using long shadows? Thats so like 3 years ago, its about light shadows now.

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