• Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, 5 years ago

    I see what you did there :)

    I see

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    • Dan CoatesDan Coates, 5 years ago

      I'm assuming that the hidden text is accidental but even so it should be removed or made visible. Hiding text like that is an old school black hat SEO technique that will get the site penalized by search engines.

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  • Bhavya Aggarwal, 5 years ago

    I am not an expert, but overall the site looks neat. Gets the idea across. But, I do find the English incorrect at a few places. Other then that sharing a few of my thoughts here: https://app.zipboard.co/s/nEjMK Hope it helps.

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    • Rishabh Saxena, 5 years ago

      Agree, once you scroll down there's some text displayed in the bottom left corner in Polish. Not sure if that's intentional or a glitch. Seems a little odd.

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    • , 5 years ago

      Thank you very much for the feedback :)

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  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 5 years ago

    In Safari the programming languages get cut off.

    As for the rest of the site, I'd say the biggest problem, and one of the hardest things for you to see, is that it's not all that memorable. There is no clear hierarchy, there is a ton of text, most with similar sizes and earthy colours all throughout - there is nothing that really makes a strong impression. I'm not saying you should change your colour scheme or add a few marketing kittens, but when a client is going through a dozen companies to potentially work with, it would make a huge difference if your website guided them / told them what they need to know / made a stronger impression.

    Take the ueno site for example. They have one featured project, 3 lines about who they are and then a highlight of their other projects. They have great taglines for each project like Banking Rebooted or Taking the bull by the horns - people come on this site and they know exactly where to look and most importantly, what to walk away with.

    Here are a couple more agencies with great websites off the top of my head:

    p.s. I never ran a successful agency so do take what I'm saying with a grain of salt - I could be wrong.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Danny Florian, 5 years ago

    I think the messaging needs some work. Joining your list of clients does not sound like a good reason to work with you.

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  • Felix Terpstra, 5 years ago

    Just took a quick look through the site and in general it looks great.

    There are a few examples of odd phrasing, grammatical errors and some over-use of commas... can give specific examples if you'd like them, but would be worth having a copy-editor look over the content (apologies if you've already had this done!). Small issues like these can be a turnoff and effect a user's first impression.

    Otherwise very nice!

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    • , 5 years ago

      Thanks Felix, we did it in a rush mode, so it's something that we need to work on right now :)

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  • Ryan Slama, 5 years ago

    I think the initial hero text could be reworked to communicate a better message, but I like the design

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  • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, 5 years ago

    Weight of the font on the splash screen (first thing you see) is too thin and not consistent with other fonts used. Viewing on mobile, might differ on desktop.

    Logos are good but unless they link to a project they're just fluff. This not only applies to clients but also technology used.

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  • Account deleted 5 years ago

    Just OK. Nothing that original. The first slide background is a bit annoying but generally - just a typical website : ) Another annoying thing is sliding through multiple screens. WHYYY? And IMO the top bar should stay pinned. Oh, another one: Contact doesn't scroll to the form, it scrolls under it - looks broken and strange.

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  • Account deleted 5 years ago

    Just some thoughts off-the-cuff, feel free to ignore them!

    1. I'd consider ditching the "take a look at our projects" row in the design (just the white section with text). It's a little jarring to me for some reason. I think it potentially might flow smoother going right into the client work. Since you are an agency, I think it makes sense what's happening. If you absolutely have to, put a simple "CASE STUDY" or something in small text right above each project name.

    2. I love the thought/detail in making the header section always fit in the browser window before scrolling (even in real-time when re-sizing!!!). I do have a couple concerns though. First, the Matrix effect is a little distracting to me for some reason. I'm not sure why, I see TONS of sites with video going on in a similar fashion. Maybe it's the color? Maybe it's because it's not emotional? Secondly, the only disadvantage of filling the entire space is that it's not immediately obvious there is a lot of solid content once you scroll! I'd at a minimum consider adding a "more" or down arrow at the bottom of they area to tease that more content awaits!

    3. I'd always have the solid-background version of the nav bar... it's really weird to me to see animations happening behind the navigation and your logo. It actually makes it less obvious.

    4. The guy at the bottom next to the"project" form feels stock (not sure if is). I'd take the time and do something personal here... group shot or something fun. Make it personal... put a face to the company.

    5. As a whole I really dig the color scheme and the vibe the site exudes. It's simple with enough "texture" that makes it feel nice. Nice work.

    Take care!

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