• deleted account, 6 years ago

    I like how the footer says "Thou shalt not steal" lol

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  • Justin White, 6 years ago

    Ross Floate put together a neat rebuttal with the all important point that copywork is a great exercise for learning ONLY. If it’s paid work, Dan’s approach can lead to trouble (check the footnotes in his article for link to Floate’s).

    I think there lies the problem with Dan’s write up. It starts off strong, by approaching copywork as a learning exercise ‘Think of it like learning to draw by tracing ..’, which is fine. But by the end of it, Dan calling the final invention ‘original’ is a stretch, if not flat out offensive to original design work.

    “That’s the failure of this piece, and by extension its framework. You spend so much time being pleased with yourself for finding cool ways of hiding the body, you forget you shouldn’t have killed someone in the first place.” -Floate

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