Gravit Designer 3.1 just landed: Sketch import, Gravit Cloud, design templates, and more

almost 6 years ago from , Product owner for Gravit Designer

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to present Gravit Designer 3.1, our biggest update yet. Some of the most notable improvements are:

  • Full Sketch import: Finally a way to open Sketch files on Windows (and other platforms). Also means that you can quickly pass on a design to your developers for inspection.
  • Gravit Cloud: All of your designs can live in the Cloud if you like, so that they are available anywhere, anytime, on all platforms.
  • Migration of gravit.io: We finally took our existing users from gravit.io on board and merged everything into https://designer.io. Rest assured that no files are lost.
  • Design templates and assets: Getting started in Gravit Designer is as easy as pie now with a wealth of design templates, ready for you to use. Of course, they are free, like everything else in Gravit. Furthermore, we have an abundance of icons, illustrations and other assets available to be used in your designs.
  • Video tutorials: Access a broad range of tutorials right in the app, giving you an immediate head start.
  • Measurement guides: For the ultimate precision, holding Alt shows you the distance from the selected layer to other elements now. In input fields, the same modifier key gives you 0.1 increments.
  • Smaller file sizes: With our new image format, documents are up to 300% smaller. This also improves the saving and loading times. Of course, we assured full compatibility with existing files. Furthermore, you now have the option to link raster images to a local file via “File → Link Image.”
  • International text support and Chinese version: Our international users are critical to us, so we made sure that you can use a broad range of languages in Gravit, including Chinese.
  • Plugin development: You can start developing plugins for Gravit Designer right now. Find out more here.
  • Gravit Klex: Last but not least we also launched our entirely new design tool Klex, that enables everybody to create awesome designs in no time. It uses the same platform as Gravit Designer, which makes exchanging files a snap. Just like Gravit Designer, it’s totally free!

Please read the full list of improvements on our Medium blog.

Start using Gravit Designer online now or download the desktop apps (the app stores may just take a few hours to update). It’s available on all platforms, and of course, it’s 100% free!

You can always reach us on Twitter or Facebook or post a question or feedback in our discussion board. Of course, you can also hit us up here.