The best animation prototype tool

6 years ago from , Digital Designer

I've been looking for the best solution for creating UI Animation/Interaction prototypes, to deliver to our frontend developers. Previously I've created a few things myself in CSS, but that's very time consuming. I've looked at apps like Flinto, Framer but would really love to here your experience with the different tools and how you use them. And would like to here your opinion on which tool will be the gold standart in the future.

I have a few wishes; Integration with Sketch (import sketch artboard) Preview on phone and in the browser Should work great with both desktop and mobile designs


  • Jaer Pollux, 6 years ago

    Depends on how much time and effort you want to put in, I would suggest the following two:

    Principle: Really (really) easy to use. You will have your first prototype in a few minutes.

    Framer: More powerful, but you need to spend some time learning the basics.

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    • Daniel Wiklund, 6 years ago

      Time and effort is not an issue. I want to know what's the best tool on the market :)

      I have played a bit around with Framer, but I finde it a bit "stupid" that i have to learn a new programming language, when i already know CSS and JS – but other than that frames seems to do the job :)

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