Maintenance of Symbols and UI Styles

over 6 years ago from , Interactive Designer

How do you maintain you brand/product UI styles (or Sketch symbols) trough the entire design team?

I found these 3 options: - Document on Craft Plugin; - Brand.ai - Zeroheight

All of them look great but I can't seem to find the perfect setup that works smoothly. Does anyone want to share their experience?


  • Andrew Couldwell, over 6 years ago

    I use Craft Library. This will help a lot with colours and symbols. Their management of text styles is not good, but I trust it will improve. I think the most important thing is not just how you share these assets, but how organised and well you set up your UI components (that your team share). Nested symbols is the key to this, for easy/quick access to all your design systems components and states — then use whichever plugin (Craft, Brand.ai etc) you prefer from the options to distribute/maintain latest versions with the team. I wrote a tutorial that might help: https://medium.com/@andrewcouldwell/harness-the-power-of-symbols-204448baaef3

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  • Jamie FangJamie Fang, over 6 years ago

    We are using Abstract (https://abstractapp.com/) to maintain our monolith Sketch file with all the symbols. Smooth!

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