ASK DN: Developer not meeting requirements

over 5 years ago from , Art Director

We've been working with a remote developer for a two months. The developer was expected to finish mid-June. That has not been the case. We're paying them a substantial amount (£400 a day) only to find out that the developer is working no more than 4 hours a day.

We've given him a warning that further payment will be held as not only has he missed he agreed deadline but he's not been working full days.

There have been no surprise or nothing more has been asked of him.

The developer has asked for the payment and claims he will be evicted from his flat and cannot finish the job if he's not paid.

How should this scenario be handled? Let him go and find somebody else before the situation escaltes?


  • Ken Em, over 5 years ago

    This should be spelled out in your contract with them?

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  • Phil LegrosPhil Legros, over 5 years ago

    As is the case with pretty much every company, their employee's financial future is not the company's responsibility. If employers were concerned about suddenly denying people a crucial source of income, no one would ever get fired. Figure out WHY he's not putting in the expected amount of time. Talk to him. If that doesn't work, give him an ultimatum: either he shapes up, or you nullify the contract and get someone else to do the work.

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