• David Steelcart, over 4 years ago

    I was just at Adidas global headquarters in New York City pitching a marketing campaign for kanyes new line of shoes. I started my presentation off the way I often do, with a story. I told them of a time to where design work was respected due to its inherently challenging nature. A time where not just any city slicker could pick up their MacBook Pro and design a master piece...

    But when this medium article dropped. Things changed.

    Kanye walked in to the meeting and told me "I DONT NEED YOU ANYMORE DAVID STEELCART, SON OF CORNELIUS STEELKART. I KNOW HOW TO DESIGN NOW THAT THE ANNOYING DESIGN TRENDS MEDIUM ARTICLE DROPPED." I stood there flabbergasted, not knowing what to do. I walked out of the meeting in tears. Head bowed down.

    This medium article single handidly changed design in 2017. Now that people know what annoying design trends to avoid in the current year, we're all going to be out of work.

    Damn you ev Williams for creating medium, and damn you OP for crafting such a game changing article.

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  • Zach ReedZach Reed, over 4 years ago

    Half of these aren't even trends in 2017? "Boring Typography"? "Image Carousels"? "Aggressive Pop-ups"? "Obnoxious clutter"? ...Yeah, those are all things that have been around for ages that you should still just avoid.

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    • Ryan CarterRyan Carter, over 4 years ago

      I was hellbent on using boring typography this year, guess I have to use that new interesting typography instead.

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  • Paul van Oijen, over 4 years ago

    Stay Away From:

    Articles that like to shout at its reader, like this one.

    Seriously, what's the with the random and inconsistent bold text and uppercase placement?

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  • Ryan CarterRyan Carter, over 4 years ago

    I find it pretty funny that the company's own site uses:

    1. Video Backgrounds
    2. Hides their menu options behind a hamburger
    3. Uses Futura as a font
    4. Has an almost 16mb page load on the home page for not very much content
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  • Tristam GochTristam Goch, over 4 years ago

    "Avoid video backgrounds, also read our blog post on integrating video backgrounds"

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