How do you wear your UX hats?

over 5 years ago from , UX Designer at Gather Technologies

As a UX team of one, I want to know how to get into the mindset of research, defining functionality, crafting UI, and testing, so that as I take on each job I focus on what is important at that stage in the process.

How do you do it? Checklists? Wing it? Actual hats?


  • Jordan KoscheiJordan Koschei, over 5 years ago

    Actual hats.

    Every designer should have:

    • A bowler hat for user research
    • A top hat for writing up case studies
    • A propeller beanie for client presentations
    • A fedora (Indiana Jones-style, of course) for wrangling pixels
    • A backwards-worn baseball cap for testing

    Other hats may be necessary on an as-needed basis, but these are the core hats.

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  • Julio CastellanoJulio Castellano, over 5 years ago

    Hi Jeff,

    This resource is usefull to check off all the things you can and may want to do for each phase of a project. https://uxchecklist.github.io/ It really helps to look back at and see where you are at. Also if you arent yet maybe start using a framework process in conjunction with the last resource to see what stage of the project you are in I find the Double Diamond quite good for this. https://www.thoughtworks.com/insights/blog/double-diamond

    Good luck and hope this helps! Julio

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