Do you have a sketch plugin idea?

over 6 years ago from , Director of Design @ SimplePractice

Looking to start developing sketch plugins. If anyone has something they would love to see happen in sketch, let me know. I'm just trying to gather some ideas and use them as projects to help me learn sketch dev better. Thanks!


  • Andu PotoracAndu Potorac, over 6 years ago

    Yes please! There's something fundamental missing, a few things actually. I'll list them here, not sure which ones can be done as plugins, but I hope all:

    1) Adjust width / height of smaller object based on size of larger object. I need this every time I design. Did a short video as it was available in Flash in the old times: http://recordit.co/DiH22gUns4. in Sketch all you get is the Align Panel. Maybe make one below / above it.

    2) Double tap on box to the right of the text to convert the text back to Auto. As when dragging it makes it back into fixed. Now it does nothing in Sketch. http://recordit.co/FyPOFKtZ0v

    3) Please make a plugin that works as a Back / Forward button for artboards across any pages. It's exactly what you have in Chrome, but for artboards. I needed to copy things from an artboard so many times and there's no way to quickly return to where you were.

    4) Open Recent and Open from Templates is fine, but sometimes we want to always refer back to a main file we're working with. So if you could so some sort of FAVORITES plugin that would hold documents and on click would just open them, it would be amazing.

    5) Designers are always creating interactive elements for their web projects - galleries, audio players and what not. We've been thinking to partner with someone to make a sketch plugin that would take our predesigned widgets and allow them to embed them in Sketch. This would automatically create the embed code and the widget itself, so devs would have it ready to go when the design is delivered. This requires some back and forth between a Sketch Plugin Dev and us. Imagine you'd have to design an audio player, instead of that you could pick from our preset layouts and you'd also have it implemented automatically in real time, with the embed code right there at your fingertips. :)

    Some sample layouts: https://www.weebly.com/app-center/compact-mp3-player.

    6) This might be too complicated but it would be awesome - some app store for ui components implemented right there in sketch. When you need a checkbox, a player, anything designed, you'd be able to get it for a few bucks right in your artboard. Done!

    Anyone should be able to pick a symbol and upload it to the UI App Store, and set a price. We get to design many things that stay unused, isn't that a shame?

    Are these enough ideas or should I carry on? :-)

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  • Padding Left, over 6 years ago

    Hi Jason. I have some ideas, I hope you will find them interesting.

    1. There are hundreds of different devices, how could a designer have all of them? To solve this problem we need a plugin that would let a designer to quickly preview his work inside a mock up or a screen of a device with possibility to scroll. (without export of png, not like Invision, Marvel). The image would open in a new window on top of the sketch window. Any changes in artboard would immediately be visible in the preview window. Kind of like a Sketch Mirror but without actual device.

    2. I started composing my design out of bricks of elements, with outer transparent rectangle (like a div), making sizes very precise. Than I stack them one after another. This way I can control grid and sizes better. The problems start when, If I have a stack of symbols, when I change the height of one, they start to overlap with each other, and I have to scrupulously move them by hand. The idea occurred to me, why not to have a plugin that would not let symbols and groups to overlap with each other, stacking them close to each other, pushing up-left, mimicking the html.

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  • Volodymyr KurbatovVolodymyr Kurbatov, over 6 years ago

    Will anybody finally create plugin that change sketch interface to dark skin?

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  • Yannick Antoine, over 6 years ago

    A plugin that makes it able to mask symbols would be insanely perfect. (mask a symbol with another symbol inside a symbol)

    This would be used to create a 'master symbol' for tinting icons etc.

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  • Account deleted over 6 years ago

    Flip Size

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