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  • Cian Mac MahonCian Mac Mahon, 6 years ago

    Huge fan of Treehouse. They've got the best beginner-to-medium level software training content (and they're slowly building out a library of more advanced content - although if you want the super advanced stuff check out specialised places like Egghead and 'course warehouses' like Pluralsight) and a pretty good community. I've been a member with them for 6 years at this point, and their courses helped me move from a media degree to a software engineer role. From a product point of view, they have probably the best e-learning platform I've ever seen. All the other players in the space (except for CodeSchool) have apps which look at least a decade outdated. Treehouse's one looks and feels truly modern.

    As I'm not a designer, I can't judge their design content very much though.

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