Drops (One new game per month. Open-source. Forever!) (barcellosm.github.io)

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Hi there!

So, I'm starting to make one new game per month. This is the first one. The game is called Drops, and it's open-source - as every single one will be!

One new game per month. The idea is to exercise my creativity as a game designer by pushing myself to make a new game per month based on one new game mechanic I'm willing to explore each time.

Open-source. This first game came to me at a very hard time in my life, and expressing myself by making it really helped me to get through this moment. So, for every person out there in the need of a voice, I decided to make it open-source. You can change the images, you can change the mechanics, you can change everything to make it your own. Give YOUR meaning to it, and then give it to the world! At least for me, it helped :)

Some feedback would be super double awesome :D

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(btw, sorry for the ugly code, I'm working to make it cleaner and better)

Thank you for your time