• Andrew SmithAndrew Smith, 4 years ago

    Did it win any css awards?

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  • Tony Jones, 4 years ago

    Beautiful visual design and I love the use of Circular, the page transitions, and responsiveness. One issue: I'm using Safari and not sure how to navigate. When I click the arrows on the homepage nothing happens and I can't scroll horizontally either. When I scroll the mouse vertically, the page moves horizontally (a bit counterintuitive). Overall, Angular code looks solid and NgAnimate stuff is well done.

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  • , 4 years ago

    Hey everyone. I recently designed and built a simple web app called Supersymmetry – it's a photo blog built on AngularJS showcasing architecture, interior design and structural engineering – basically spaces.

    I've never built any kind of SPA before and wanted to try and self-initiate with a side project. I'm still squashing bugs and completing some polish, but I'd love some feedback; specifically regarding the build aspect or visual design (but obviously any feedback is welcome if something stands out). Thanks for looking.

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