PSA for anyone who uses non-mech keyboard, please buy mechanical keyboard.

almost 6 years ago from , Designer & Front-end Developer

I looked at a lot of designers, front-end developers, and (even worse) back-end developers workstation and most of them have chiclet keyboard.

I switched to mechanical keyboard (brown switches) and I CANNOT go back to any kind of keyboard, rubber, membrane, chiclet, or other, using these keyboard really cringe me and it pains my fingers. These type of keys don't have any tactical feedback and it's painful to slam key to the bottom on chiclet, and it's cringey to press the button through the rubber dome (membrane, rubber dome). Mechanical keyboard is basically fingergasm keyboard, personally with tactical switches (blue, brown or green).

Many keyboards you'll find will be "gamey" looking which I do not recommend. There's few pictures for you to see:

  • Personally I use Filco Majestouch-2 TLK brown switches, keys on top. Ninja version have keys on side of the key.
  • Minimalist one is like HHKB (very high-end, better than mechanical itself),
  • Poker2 or 3 is 60% keyboard, can be a little unproductive, but have very minimalistic look, image1, image2, miami style
  • Regular keyboard with custom keycaps like image1, image2

There's many more images you can find for inspirations.

You can replace keycaps easily. If you like certain keycaps, just order it online and replace it on your keyboard when it's delivered.

In conclustion: This post is made to make your life better if you listen. I repeat, I CANNOT return to any kind of keyboard (touchpad on phone is fine) after using mechanical keyboard. It demonstrates how bad other keyboards are in comparison with mechanical. Mechanical keyboards aren't advertised well, so that's why many people flock to shitty chiclet or membrane keyboard without hearing anything about mechanical.

If you have tried mechanical and didn't like the experience, you may have not liked the switch you used (red switch is non-tactical and I personally don't like it). There's few switches, blue, brown, red, you can read more about it here by wasdkeyboard.

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