• Jordan IsipJordan Isip, almost 6 years ago

    It's definitely pretty with beautiful illustrations and animations. However, I feel like it needs an additional section explaining how Inturn helps sell excess inventory. As far as a landing page design, I feel like it left me with questions and clicking on 'Get started' just throws a sign up form at me. Might be nice to show examples if available.

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    • Lucas LazaroLucas Lazaro, almost 6 years ago

      I feel the same, I had to go through Features and About pages to get a grasp of how does Inturn work, but even so, there were some doubts about the nitty-gritty of the solution.

      Great job on the illustrations though! Really fun and well crafted.

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    • Andrew Richardson, almost 6 years ago

      Agreed. I instantly understand the problem they are trying to solve I just don't have any idea HOW they plan on solving it. I feel like 3rd section (Inturn is a win-win solution) could have a little more depth to it. At that point I am actually interested in more detail.

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    • Marco De la Cruz, almost 6 years ago

      Good insight. I definitely think we can improve this by clarifying some points. Thanks for the suggestion, glad you liked it.

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  • Scott de JongeScott de Jonge, almost 6 years ago

    The page size is over 12mb, there is a lot of performance issues with this page with scroll chunking with too many heavy elements on the DOM.

    I would suggest trying the <video> tag with h264 .mp4 autoplay video files to drop the size of those gifs to something more manageable on desktop, and use simple SVG or PNG on mobile, although the animations are delightful, their size is too much data/cost to put onto the user.

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  • Marjolaine Allie, almost 6 years ago

    Very nice!

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  • Tom Capossela, almost 6 years ago

    Very nice animations/illustrations!!

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  • Tony Jones, almost 6 years ago

    Beautiful illustrations. Definitely engaging and well thought out. On the coding end, I do suggest minifying the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Also, use a service worker to cache resources, so users don't have to reload so much data when navigating around. Also, I'd suggest removing a few GIFs or using animated SVGs. The site was almost unusable on my connection and If I had been on my Google Fi phone(pay as you go), I would have been upset with the high data usage. When testing sites always throttle your connection with Chrome tools, so you can see what the average user (3G speeds) will experience.

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  • Nico MizonoNico Mizono, almost 6 years ago

    really nice visual design, illustration & animation work. was it all done internally?

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    • Marco De la Cruz, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

      We worked with two teams, Craft & Root for design, brand refresh, management and planning, and Rocketboy for the Illustrations/Animations.

      In house Marketing team was in charge of the project management, copy, planning, messaging.

      I personally was part of Project Management, design supervision and Art Direction. Craft & Root is such an amazing team to work with, I would give them a recommendation for life.

      Happy that you guys like it. Gonna communicate feedback to the team as soon as possible.

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