Why people rely on frontend frameworks

over 6 years ago from , Web Designer and Developer

I've always been the person who custom code my stylesheet and start projects from scratch. I never really rely upon bootstrap, foundation and the likes and prefer writing all components myself. I wrote a very simple skeleton css to support the responsiveness of the site. A lot of my effort are poured down to code methodology, naming convention and creation of a style guide. I find this way of working quicker and equipped with greater control and freedom over my code. This opposed having to learn the way of doing things determined by a framework.

I recently learned that reliance on frameworks actually have significance to the workflow among multiple developers. As a starter, it's easier for companies to transition developers as they will just need to find an expert in a specific framework. Learning curve is relatively flat. Also, it's a quicker implementation for all development divisions as all development roles can work simultaneously. Front-end developer's focus is just to provide styles as markups and classes are mostly predetermined by the framework.

I see the pros and cons in both approaches and is divided in what's the best way to develop my code.

Please teach me your ways, DN.