• Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 4 years ago

    I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before - it probably has.. But my biggest reason for not wanting to switch to Figma for collaborative design at my current workplace is that I work with about 10 other designers, and I am frustrated by each of their lack of skills when it comes to interface design.

    I understand this may come across as arrogant, but it's just the truth... When opening their Sketch files, they aren't just disorganised - they are chaos.. There is no rhyme of reason to their artboards, no groups, terribly used smart objects, no naming conventions, and a total disregard for consistency.

    Luckily for me, I've recently been given a new visa which allows me to work in the UK without the need to be sponsored, so I have only one week left at this workplace - but the thought of having to work collaboratively on the same canvas as my current team gives me a murderous migraine...

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    • , 4 years ago

      Giving up control and relying on others can be a difficult thing to do, no doubt. But you could take the "glass is half full approach" and use Figma as an opportunity to teach your teammates how to create a cohesive design system by walking them through your preferred methods of layer organization, artboard control and naming conventions.

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      • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, almost 4 years ago

        Fantastic outlook mate! That's definitely the way I should be looking at it :) If I were staying in the company, this would be the way of it.

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    • A Paul, 4 years ago

      This was the thing I hated the most about working in a design team where we all shared the same projects and files. I would spend most of my time organizing and labeling layers, artboards, smart objects, etc, instead of actually designing.

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  • Tyler Shick, 4 years ago

    What are some gaps or deficiencies in your team's current work flow that Figma and real-time collaboration can help fill? Is the value of 'multiplayer' enough to make the switch to Figma today?

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    • Eric BlattbergEric Blattberg, almost 4 years ago

      This week, we're using Figma to collaboratively create a full app map (IA) for a new product over here at Olo. Been dramatically better than using Sketch, thanks to Figma's incredible vector feature set and real-time collaboration.

      I see a better multiplayer use case for low-fi visualization stuff than for polished wireframes / visual design.

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    • Marcin TrederMarcin Treder, almost 4 years ago

      This is a very good question. We've added a multiplayer design collaboration to UXPin back in 2012 (yeah I know, it seems so fresh today, but in fact multiple companies had exactly the same feature years ago). Similarly to Figma we've thought this is a game changer for the design workflow. It turns out to be more of a fad than a real process change. At least for big companies, which is our primary focus.

      Projects with a need for simultaneous, real-time, access of multiple designers to one design file just hardly happen outside of an ideation phase of the process, which makes you compete with a whiteboard and sketching sessions. Figma seems to be an overkill for this phase.

      Couple of use cases close to the real-time collaboration make more sense long term: 1. Centralized repository of design projects (people can always access all the design files and continue the work on a project; definitely a benefit of Figma over Sketch); 2. Realtime update of design previews across different devices (not sure if that works in Figma, but in UXPin if the team is working on the mobile app, all the changes are going to automatically propagate to their phones);

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      • Tyler Shick, almost 4 years ago

        Really interesting. I think point #1 is definitely a potential real use-case for us at Prolific. But like you said earlier, I'm curious to hear if multi-player is really making companies rethink or reconsider their current workflows.

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        • Marcin TrederMarcin Treder, almost 4 years ago

          The way I see product development in general: either you're solving a real problem, or you're chasing a real opportunity.

          I think when it comes to the multiplayer collaboration we don't really have a problem (have you ever thought that you need other designers to edit your files?;)) and we're not sure about the opportunity (Does it increase the quality of final design? Does it increase the speed of the design process?).

          Having that said, to differentiate from Sketch (and Affinity, and XD...), Figma needs to do something and it seems that the multiplayer collaboration is their first stab at this problem.

          Figma is a good tool, but is it that better from Sketch to justify the cost of the switch? I'm not convinced yet. They could just become cheaper than, already cheap, Sketch, but I don't think that's going to work for a SV based company. Sketch has a tiny team in Europe, where development is a least 2x cheaper. It's a difficult game without a strict focus, solid understanding of the market and use cases that are setting you apart from the competition.

          Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for the team at Figma. UXPin is going to integrate with any design tool that will get solid traction on the enterprise market. Hopefully Figma will figure something out and soon we'll start working on the integration :).

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          • Chris Meyers, almost 4 years ago

            I agree with most of what you're saying here Marcin. My fingers are crossed over here as well. The idea of everything living in the cloud and never having to make copies of sketch files is an incredible step forward.

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  • Jean P, 4 years ago

    Our small team switched to Figma from August. It's by one means or another accesible and practical for all sort of individuals in our organisation. We can make all sort of projects from wireframes, native applications, infographics, icons. No one griped yet. We find the rescale the best feature by now but also the hardest to master and the ability of sharing links on trello directly from figma.

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    • Marcin TrederMarcin Treder, almost 4 years ago

      Sharing links is to design projects is for sure very useful. It seems that Sketch is planning the same thing with Sketch Cloud. Would that make you switch back (?) to Sketch, or are you committed to Figma for some other reasons?

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