• Johannes Siipola, over 7 years ago

    I fail to see how this list is "curated" in any way. Sure, it has some good stuff like Open Graph/Twitter cards which are actually used by the respective social networks but half of the stuff is legacy tags from 90's (like keywords) or something that doesn't have any actual use. This list just encourages people to blidly copy paste these tags on their page without thinking:

    1. What do the tags actually do
    2. Does any service/crawler use them
    3. Is there any actual benefit of adding them

    I mean, it also has some tags for IE 6 (released 15 years ago) but clearly labeled "do not use". Why even have those tags listed then if they don't have any value?

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  • Joe Blau, over 7 years ago

    You know what would be cool. I made this site (https://gitignore.io) which generates .gitignore templates for your project. It would be cool if you could just type in Boilerplate,Favicon,iOS,Android and generate your header file.

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