Ask DN: How is Photoshop performing in your machine? Is it slow/laggy?

over 7 years ago from , Designer

Hello fellow designers,

I recently started using a newer better machine than my previous one, with high hopes of using Photoshop like I've never experienced before, just to find out that despite being in a better/faster environment, Photoshop still performs the same way: slow and laggy.

It feels like I'm using Photoshop through the internet, with ping 200ms and 15fps. Is anyone experiencing the same thing as me? It bothers me so much! Is so stressful...

I've tried a lot of different settings, tutorials, plugins etc, but no luck... Is there something I'm missing?

There's a thread in Adobe Communities about this, from 2013 (there's probably more than one, actually): https://forums.adobe.com/message/8492923

Best o/

PS: Moving to Sketch is not an option. :(