• Mick NMick N, almost 5 years ago

    I really hope they survive. I use the service daily (I'm listening to a set on there right now).

    Honestly there isn't a single service that rivals SoundCloud for ease of listening to sets, which is what my and my friends have and always will use it for.

    MixCloud is probably the closest but the service lacks apps and options to listen to content, plus very few DJs and producers release their sets on the platform anyway. As long as DJs keep uploading their sets to SC then I'll continue to use it.

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  • Luis CielakLuis Cielak, almost 5 years ago

    could spotify acquired them? it would be a great source for this content.

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    • Mick NMick N, almost 5 years ago

      But isn't Spotify an album-delivery service? What would happen to the hundreds of thousands of live sets and studio mixes, promo mixes etc?

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  • Steve Berry, almost 5 years ago

    Raising $77mm and then losing $44m in the same year sounds like bad management.

    I love SoundCloud too!

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  • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, almost 5 years ago

    This isn't news. Have they ever been profitable? They're a growth-stage startup—they all lose money early on.

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    • Eric H., almost 5 years ago

      And many burning this level of capital fail without significant sources of 1) revenue and/or 2) additional investment. They are looking for “further capital investment” to continue operating in 2015. So yeah, kinda newsy.

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    • Darrell HanleyDarrell Hanley, almost 5 years ago

      Its news now because VC money is drying up and a lot of these companies that were reliant on raising funds to continue operating, or raised funds for the purposes of becoming unicorn now suddenly find themselves in danger.

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    • Michael B., almost 5 years ago

      What makes it news, is the fact that a noteworthy website is likely to shut down. Now, the REASON of WHY it may shut down isn't anything newsworthy that's for damn sure.

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    • Joe Blau, almost 5 years ago

      Title is link bait. If you look on HN, they raised 77 million last year. This is just a standard auditor report.

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  • Paul KinchlaPaul Kinchla, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    While it would suck if SoundCloud went away this just serves as another teachable moment about relying on a 3rd party as being the gate keeper for your content. Luckily some of the best electronic music folks IMO use SoundCloud but don't rely on it.


    ra.co/500 So Resident Advisor does not actively host all first 500 podcasts, but at least they are on both MixCloud and SoundCloud

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  • Bady QbBady Qb, almost 5 years ago

    Please no :(

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  • Jae Yoon, almost 5 years ago

    :( rly hope not

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  • Tom GurkaTom Gurka, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    no no no no no no no

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  • Jordan RomanoffJordan Romanoff, almost 5 years ago

    It'd be sad to see them go. There's a lot left to be desired when it comes to the site design/functionality but the community made it all worthwhile.

    Looks like I have to go and make sure I have all of my uploads from over the years backed up...

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  • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, almost 5 years ago

    This would suck.

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  • Eric H., almost 5 years ago

    I post this as I believe there are probably quite a few designers on DN who use soundcloud for musical inspiration & meditation beyond the obvious discoveries of less popular artists (particularly in the electronic genre). This would be quite a blow if they shut down.

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