Max Width and break points.

almost 5 years ago from , Senior UX Designer

There are too many articles out there now about what the average screen size is for viewing websites and what should be the average for starting a design for a website.

I wanted to hear some opinions on what people use for their desktop / largest size websites as a max width starting point and what some of the average breakpoints are.

Do you just use iPad landscape as your tablet breakpoint? iPhone portrait for mobile breakpoint?

How do you take into consideration pixel density? Are you basing the breakpoints off of browser recognition or device recognition?

Do you start large and work down, the oposite, or start in the middle and work out?

I'm trying to make a better workflow and wanted to get the opinion of you all to see if I could fit some of that in mine.

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  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, over 4 years ago

    Really like how the only thing that gets talked about here are posts about bullshit and no one can even get a fucking discussion started without being a "design guru" or some other garbage.

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