Looking for a mentor

almost 10 years ago from , f-f-frontend @ lessonly.com

I am working with a friend to start a startup, and I would love to have a mentor to help me with some branding thoughts. I am a sophomore in college. Does anyone know of a good place to find a mentor?




  • David SimpsonDavid Simpson, 3 years ago

    Check out designed.org/our-mentors

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  • Conlin "Wuz" Durbin, almost 10 years ago

    I'd love to see some sort of tool for this. Maybe I will have to get on building one...

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  • Anders Houston, almost 10 years ago

    Working as the sole designer at a startup for the last 8 months has taught me the value of having a mentor, and the difficulty of finding one. Good luck on your quest, I fear I'm just going to have to find a position at a more established company to find the mentor I seek.

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  • Taurean BryantTaurean Bryant, almost 10 years ago

    I wouldn't say I'm mentor material at all, but as someone in a similar position I think it would be cool for people like us to stick together. Feel free to shoot an email if you want: hey@taurean.io.

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