• Dean HaydenDean Hayden, almost 5 years ago

    Love the 'what people are saying' section on mobile. Took a second to figure out; lovely detail

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  • André Oliveira, almost 5 years ago

    Hi everyone. My name is André Oliveira and I'm Founder & CEO of Pixelmatters.

    First of all, José, thanks for adding our website here. It's always a pleasure to receive critique from a place like DesignerNews, so again, thank you!

    To Dean, Joao, Sven and Jonas, thanks for your words. They mean a lot to us. All suggestions are welcome. We are aware that the website can/should be improved!

    To us, the most important thing is that we want the site to reflect who we are, what we believe and how we work. Our culture. The rest will come after.

    Independently on that, we will work on top of some things you mentioned to improve user experience. Also, we will be adding new case studies soon! Stay tuned.

    Thank you all!

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  • Russ BrownRuss Brown, almost 5 years ago

    Nice toaster.

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  • Joao AntunesJoao Antunes, almost 5 years ago

    Nice website! The office location in the center of Porto is really a plus :)

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  • Sven LoskillSven Loskill, almost 5 years ago

    There a too kind of websites which start animation on entering the viewport: the ones who get it timed right (usually because they don’t animate too much – maybe just fading in/up text and image blocks) and sites where all the stuff happens when I’ve already scrolled past it.

    This site falls in the latter category – at least for me.

    Might have to do with my setup: I scroll websites on a Mac with a magic mouse. Not too fast, though. Don’t know if scrolling is way slower on a Windows-machine. But you might want to do some tests if your visitors even get what you’re animating below your hero – or give it more whitespace above.

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    • Jonas S, almost 5 years ago

      I seems to work fine on my iPhone. 

      The visual design does a nice work. They come across as a symphatic product agency that would be easy to work with. Maybe it's a little too dribbblish? And I also get the impression that they'll deliver solid solutions but seldom suprise the clients. The content is clear and easy to understand but the copy could need some polish. 

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