• Rodrigo MunizRodrigo Muniz, over 7 years ago

    It kind of made me feel scammed for reasons I can't explain.

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    • Joe TurnerJoe Turner, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Same here. I know the value is there (based on the past products you receive) but the way it comes across, I just don't buy it. I think the only winner is Jason.

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      • Jason ZookJason Zook, over 7 years ago

        Sorry that you guys feel scammed. Not my intention at all. I've come to realize that ideas like this, especially ones that other people would never do, can be taken differently by different people. The best part about this project (and my future) is that I know it's not for everyone. If what I'm doing doesn't resonate with you, then that's good. I'd rather be polarizing and stand for something, than blend in the middle or never get noticed at all.

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  • Dan GDan G, over 7 years ago

    Feel bad saying it but find this incredibly cringeworthy.

    I also feel the same towards his 'buy my last name' 'wear my t-shirt' ideas. There's no real creativity there IMO it's just a way to make some cash (which is fair enough in itself) but doesn't seem to be what he suggests he's offering.

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    • Jason ZookJason Zook, over 7 years ago

      Don't feel bad about your opinions Luke. There are lots of things I don't like in this world as well, things/designs/projects/people that don't feel congruent to me. I appreciate your honesty and that you took a look at my project.

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  • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    self-published his first book by raising $75,000 in sponsorships before writing a single word.

    Hmm, pretty good at raising money with nothing made. I would change this sentence because that set off an alarm for me with my potential "investor" hat on.

    This is a sweet idea though.

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  • Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis, over 7 years ago

    I'm always really stoked when someone comes up with a genuinely new/unique idea. Plus the site design is awesome.

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  • Willie MorrisWillie Morris, over 7 years ago

    Well, beats that girl who was selling her virginity.

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  • Tom BradyTom Brady, over 7 years ago

    I'll pass.

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  • Anthony Gibson, over 7 years ago

    Love the idea. Unconventional and unfamiliar, sure. But you're basically paying to be a fly on the wall watching a successful entrepreneur do his work. Completely see the value here.

    Many of us would pay way more than $1,000 to be a fly on Jony Ive's wall.

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  • Tyrale BloomfieldTyrale Bloomfield, over 7 years ago

    Huge risk, here. But quite clever. You better post what comes of it!

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    • Amazing Rando, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      I'll be interested to see what comes out of this too. (This is not me or a site that I did.)

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      • Jason ZookJason Zook, over 7 years ago

        Thanks for posting my future Rando (that sounds funny). I'll be writing a full transparent recap of how this project did. Just as I wrote a 60-day lead-up journal that detailed every effort to get to launch - bit.ly/ProjectGalaxy

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, over 7 years ago

    Remember when David Bowie issued bonds based on his catalog and projected future output? http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bowie-bond.asp

    Reminds me a lot of that.

    I recall being really impressed with David's doing that, seeing as how he's had an incredible career etc...unfortunately sales of recorded music tanked a few years later...

    still though, the idea (in my mind) was/is sound....

    don't think i can swing a thousand bucks dude...but i LOVE the idea here...

    to me, it's less about design, and more about the fine art of Sales & Marketing...like the million pixel/dollar homepage....that sort of thing...

    I'm a design guy. Most of the folks here are designers, art directors, ...art people so-to-speak.....not sure if we're the best audience for this sort of thing, but it's a nice site, and the selling marketing psych work is compelling...it DOES have that sort of 'trust me, get rich quick...just send x$ and LEARN MY SECRETS' kinda vibe...

    I honestly don't know if it'll work....but my guess is that you're gonna do fine regardless :)

    well done, son :) well done...

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    • Jason ZookJason Zook, over 7 years ago

      Thanks Tyson! I appreciate being compared to David Bowie and Alex Tew. Both incredibly smart and talented people.

      I agree. The DN crowd is not my target market. I only saw traffic was coming from here, and boom, saw Rondo had posted this. I decided to chime in on some comments (once I figured out what my password was, since I'm never on here... haha).

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Whether this idea pans out or not, I'll do just fine. Ideas are not a problem for me. Neither is execution. It's translating the vision I have into something that makes sense and brings value to other people that's always the hard part. For the record, 15 people bought in the first 4 hours :)

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  • Vincent VegaVincent Vega, over 7 years ago

    Fucking genius. I wonder how many people/companies will buy.

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  • Elliott PayneElliott Payne, over 7 years ago

    I honestly thought this was satire

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  • Numecca .Numecca ., over 7 years ago


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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, over 7 years ago

    No thanks

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